StudentBoard doesn’t just stand on the side lines. We lead the field in creating and delivering marketing and recruitment campaigns that fulfil our client’s goals and place their brand on the winner’s podium on campus.

We understand that our clients all have different needs and targets so we work in partnership with them to create and manage a service that best suits them to achieve their ultimate goal and attract the right candidate. We pride ourselves on being the invisible extension of our clients’ teams on campus.

We offer four main services that recruiters can use to plug into the student network. Please click on the tabs below to find out further information.

Whether you want a branded Facebook or Twitter page or simply want to make your presence felt with promotions across all the social media platforms. We are able to offer an effective, simple and quick strategy, along with the creative ideas and imagination to make it stand out on campus.
We set out with the aim to provide both the Campus Ambassadors and our clients with the best opportunity to benefit fully from their project. We do this by offering our full and unwavering support to our campus ambassadors as they take on the following duties:

  • Marketing material promotion
  • Online and offline event promotion
  • Social media promotion
  • Research surveys
  • Report writing
  • Data analysis
  • On-campus promotion
  • Creating key contacts
    We provide a hassle free service when organising events on Campus. We have vast experience in organising events in the most prominent areas on-campus, ensuring maximum exposure for each one of our campaigns. We become the invisible arm of your team where we manage and book all your events on campus and upload all your vacancies to the university career websites.
    We pride ourselves on undertaking unique research for every project and every client. We see it as a crucial aspect of our work to understand the ever-changing student marketplace. We ensure we receive detailed feedback on every project to know what has been of the most benefit to our clients and our network of students. We have learnt at StudentBoard that a student’s time is limited and with our ‘quicker than focus group’, online panel of students we can provide instant feedback to all your research needs.